“Improving staff self-esteem can lead to better business performance.”
An organisation’s success is only as good as the talent that supports it. If your staff are confident, engaged and motivated to succeed, your business is likely to reap the rewards. So how do you connect with today’s employees? How do you identify their goals and empower them so that their vision becomes your advantage? The answer is Corporate Esteem.

The Corporate Esteem Workshop

Corporate Esteem is a two-day face to face workshop specifically designed for today’s employees. The workshop duration is four hours each day and consists of two sessions with an hour break in-between.

The Corporate Esteem workshop uses a combination of image consulting and life coaching techniques to help improve the self-esteem of employees, leading to happier, focused and more motivated organisational talent.

Corporate Esteem is designed to:


Improve personal awareness, such as skills, talents, and career goals

Professional Image

Enhance an individual’s presentation, professional image and etiquette

First Impression

Help employees make a great first impression both within the organisation and externally

Communication Skills

Improve communication skills, such as negotiation, delegation and assertiveness

Constructive Criticism

Help employees receive and process criticism constructively


Equip employees with the skills they need to work autonomously or within a team

Social Anxiety

Provide tools to help manage social anxiety


Help employees identify and seize opportunities that may present


Help your staff feel more engaged, motivated and connected to achieving your organisation’s strategic goals

How it works...

  • Day 1
    Employees attend a visual, collaborative workshop that addresses the above topics in an open, relaxed environment.
  • Day 2
    Employees enjoy a one-to-one life coaching experience to refine their personal and professional goals, shift their mindset and improve their focus to succeed. Their goals and vision are then encapsulated in a personalised visual ‘Dream Book’, which they can take home as a reference and motivator for future goal-setting.
“Everyone deserves the opportunity to rise to their full potential.” – Joe Gibara

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