Empowering today’s youth to become confident, secure and resilient young adults

Adolescence is a crucial time for self-discovery and self-acceptance. Once a person defines themselves in a particular way, it can be difficult to repaint that picture.

That is why it is important to equip young people with the tools they need to overcome negative self-talk and manage their emotions constructively and positively.

Youth Esteem helps to bring out the best in today’s young people, by encouraging them to see the best in themselves.

Youth Esteem Workshop

Self-esteem is crucial to the health and wellbeing of young people.
According to Beyond Blue, one in four young Australians have a mental health condition, while coping with stress, school/study problems and body image are the top three areas of concern listed among young people. What’s more, numerous studies have shown a positive correlation between self-esteem and academic achievement.*
* (Barker, 1979; Brookover, Thomas and Patterson, 1964; Burns, 1979; Campbell, 1967; Caplin, 1966; Irwin, 1967; Lawrence, 1981; Mortimore, et al., 1988; Piers & Harris, 1964; Purkey, 1970; Williams, 1973 cited in an online paper).
As stated by Mark R. Leary and Deborah L. Downs:

"People who feel worthy, able, and competent are more likely to achieve their goals than those who feel worthless, impotent, and incompetent."


Help young people become self-aware and mindful of their talent, strengths and challenges


Improve goal setting


Prepare secondary school students for job-readiness, including job interview etiquette


Enhance communication, presentation and social etiquette
workshop is designed to:


Create a fun, age-appropriate environment for personal growth and development


Use visual strategies to engage and motivate


Introduce techniques and ideas for better emotional, mental and physical wellbeing


Create more confident, self-aware, motivated and directional young people

How it works

Youth Esteem is conducted over two days. The program duration is four hours each day and consists of two sessions with an hour break in-between.
  • Day 1.

    We facilitate a freshly visual, collaborative and engaging face-to-face session that addresses the above topics in an open, relaxed environment.
  • Day 2.

    Individuals enjoy a one-to-one life coaching experience to refine their personal goals and develop a strategy for success. Goals and visions are then encapsulated in a personalised visual ‘Dream Book’, which individuals can take home as a reference and motivator for future goal-setting.

Youth Esteem Program

Shifting mindsets and creating new habits
In conjunction with the Youth Esteem workshops, we are currently developing a 21-day wellness program to support the key messages and outcomes of the workshop sessions. The Program aims to help individuals improve their goal-setting skills and self-esteem building through consistency of practice, as well as useful tools and resources.
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“Everyone deserves the opportunity to rise to their full potential.” – Joe Gibara

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