“Our success depends on what we believe we deserve”

Life isn’t always easy

Environmental and social factors like drug and alcohol abuse, financial distress, domestic violence and lack of education can severely impact and even distort a person’s perception of self-worth and value.
Building a healthy and positive self-esteem is essential to creating a happier and more rewarding life.
Positive self-esteem can put you back in control, and we can help you achieve it – creating confidence and self-worth from the inside out.

The Inside Out Workshop

The Inside Out Workshop is a unique, empowerment-based program that uses a combination of image consulting and life coaching techniques to help improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

Photos on the right are Before and After images from participants that attended workshops in Lithgow, Mudgee and Orange. Clothes where supplied by Dress For Success to help participants understand how our image affects our confidence.

The Inside Out workshop is designed to:


Improve your presentation, personal and professional image, hygiene and social etiquette


Empower you so you can reclaim control of your life


Identify your dreams and aspirations and set realistic and achievable goals


Improve your interpersonal communication skills


Improve your organisation and time management skills


Help you make a great first impression


Help you manage conflict and social anxiety

How it works

The Inside Out Workshop is conducted over two days. The workshop duration is four hours each day and consists of two sessions with an hour break in-between.

Day One

We facilitate a visual, collaborative workshop that addresses the above topics in an open, relaxed environment.

Day 2

You enjoy a one-to-one life coaching experience to refine your personal goals and develop a strategy for success. Your goals and vision are then encapsulated in a personalised visual ‘Dream Book’, which you can take home as a reference and motivator for future goal-setting.


"I, like many others, struggled with self-­‐confidence issues walking into Joe Gibara’s seminar but from the minute I heard him speak, I knew that after that day, I wouldn’t see myself the same anymore.

To Joe, I described myself as an ‘unsolvable maze’, he replied in saying that he was going to ‘solve the maze’, from that minute I felt comfortable, safe and excited.

Joe helped me realise that things in my life didn’t have to stay that way, I could change them and I was in control of my life, nobody else but myself. One of my biggest problems was I always stood in the way of my own dreams and goals, I would always find an excuse as to why I’ll never get there, I always asked ‘what if’ and Joe would ask ‘why not’.

Joe Gibara’s words are incredibly inspiring, motivating, helpful, passionate and positive. Joe is truly an amazing person with an incredible outlook on life and going to his seminar is one of the best things I could have done for myself. I walked out of that seminar feeling in control, happy, confident and amazed."
Carissa Rowan, Participant
“Everyone deserves the opportunity to rise to their full potential.” – Joe Gibara

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